Monday, March 26, 2012

He knows the heart

"Then hear from heaven Your dwelling place, and forgive, and give to everyone according to all his ways, whose heart You know, for You alone know the hearts of the sons of men." 2 Chronicles 6.30
The Lord knows the hearts' of men. He knows it is corrupt and deceitful by nature. However,  He shows mercy to those who are humble enough to confess and abandon their mistakes and sins.


  1. Thank you Mrs. Ester
    Our Lord also clearly reminds us of this in Luke16vs15 You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men, but God knows your hearts. What is highly valued among men is detestable in Gods sight. We cannot hide anything from God if we want to receive His mercy, we must be humble,confess and abandon our sins.

  2. Thank you Mrs Ester

    Our Lord look at our heart because He knows who is who. He look at the interntion of our heart and there is noting that we can hade from Him.


  3. God shows that He is not a heartless God that some like to think of Him. He understands us because He created us, and when He sees we are making an effort He honours that.

  4. The heart is indeed decieving.It is capable of making you believe or do anything if you do not think.
    At first I found it weird to tell God what He already knew,but when I started doing so I felt so much better.Asking Him to forgive me and knowing that weight is lifted up from my shoulders is so amazing.
    Thanks Mrs Ester for this message.

  5. Mrs Ester,
    None of us are perfect and even though the heart is deceitful God knows when we are being genuine and honest,If we ask him to forgive our sins he will honour us.



  6. Mrs Ester
    Thank you for this powerful word indeed those who know the truth,they know that heart is not good can send us straight to hell if we don't watch what is inside.humbleness is every thing because we are the sinners but if we humble ourself and ask forgivness God is not to far not to hear.
    Thank you once more.
    Zameka Chamusse

  7. Hi Dona! I agree in what you've written in this blog. God is so merciful to all of us, that even though sometimes we did mistakes He always forgive us and always help us to change. In asking forgiveness to the Lord Jesus we must be humble and sincere all the times because if we will not sincere how can God forgive us. And we must be ready to throw and to abandon the mistakes and sin what we did and not to do it again.

  8. Thank you for this Mrs Ester
    Its true The Lord knows our hearts. And those who are humble enough to confess their sins and abandon their mistakes, are forgiven.
    Thank you Jesus.


  9. Is Truth!
    HE knows us and HE is pleased with those who are humble and simple.
    "IF you are confess your sins, HE is faithfull and righteous to forgive"

  10. Dear Mrs Ester,

    It is true as the word of God says that those who are pure in heart they will see God that is why we need to keep our heart pure.
    Thank you for this message


  11. Thank you Mrs. Esther, it's true that nothing van be hidden from the Lord Jesus. He knows everything, and searches the deepest secrets in our hearts. That is why I examine myself everyday and ask Him to help me live a transparent life.

  12. Our hearts often lead us into problems, because it is always uncertain whether to do or not to. Indeed God knows our heart, even though it deceives He knows it all, but He also gives us strength to to hold on and overcome, not to fall in sin.A humble heart obeys.

  13. Thank you Mrs Ester, Thats so true this is why we have to use our mind and not our hearts at all times.

    God bless you

  14. While reading this message I remembered a message posted by Bishop Macedo some days ago, titled 'To feel or know?'. Your message is so powerful Mrs Ester because our hearts are deceitful and if we choose to do things by emotions/our hearts, we will surely never see salvation. But if we humble ourselves everyday and confess our sins to Him who is able to cleanse us of them, then He will surely show us His mercy.

  15. Our God Is not heartless,but it is in our hands to humble urslves be honestry to him because he knows everything about us,again we must have a heart of forgiveness too in order for us to call ourselves his child because he does not work with heartless people


  16. Hi Ester
    I trully believe that Our God knows the heart of a man, He is our creator and He had made us the same as Him with intensions.He is our way in everything to those who trust and believed in Him. and He is our father so a father supporse to know his child..

  17. It is a true Wonder and one of God's mercies that he made the heart hidden from man, yet He alone knows everything going on inside it. You can pretend with human kind but in front of God you are naked. Best way is to humble yourself, always be sincere in seeking him and wanting to establish a relationship with him. You can cheat man but you can NEVER cheat God.

  18. Thank you Mrs Ester for this message. Many times people think that they can deceive God, but God knows us more than we know ourselves.

    He is so Great and Merciful God that He is willing to forgive the proud hearted and those who sin everyday. We have to have an honest and humble heart before God.

    For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. Matthew 23:12

    God bless

  19. Sincerity is the key to everything, knowing what is in your heart and still telling it to God because you trust Him, I think is the best thing in the world, one because you do not feel judged and two, God knows already!

  20. It is true that GOD knows everyone's heart.The human heart is a place of emotions and it is decietful.

  21. God knows what is inside our hearts , but men can not,so we can't hide from God.Thankyou

  22. Dear Mrs. Ester It's true ,God knows the heart of each one of us even when we think about something, He already knows what is our intention, that's why we must be carefull with our desires of the heart, they can make us to fall and lose everything God already gave us.Thank you for this message God bless you.



  24. Thank Mrs Ester,precious words indeed God knows what He created.We cannot hide from Him the thing good is that He is always waiting for the humble to confess their sins because He able to cleanse us and save us.

  25. Hi Mrs Esther,its so true that God alone knows our hearts,so when we come before Him we need to be sincere and He will bless us for our sincerity. Thank you.

  26. Thank you Mrs Esther,it is true God konws our hearts we cannot deceive him by our outside appearance.

  27. dear Mrs Ester
    being humble must be part of our nature as it was part of our lord Jesus and we should be just like him and ovoid sin and be always humble having the character of God
    thank you

  28. The verse above reminds me of the song 'He knows my name' a heart can be deceitful and corrupt but when you repent and avoid sin humble yourselves turn back to God surely you will overcome all temptation of the heart. Thank you Mrs Ester.

  29. Dear Mrs Ester
    I totally agree, God knows our heart.We must always guard our heart,because is deceitful.It makes you to do things that you regret,espacially when you are very angry,you do not use your mind.We must just be humble and acknowledge our sins

  30. So true. We have so many of us fallen so short of the Lords glory. Our hearts have been filled and contaminated with the things of this world. But yet again He still draws us close to Him; He still gives us chances to repent. The Lord is merciful and kind, all we can give him is the gift of our lives.

  31. Dear Mrs Ester,
    Thank you for this message, it so true that God knows our heart and how deceitful it is. He knows all of our deeds and to Him nothing is hidden, God needs people who are sincere and humble enough to recognize their mistakes, sins and confess them to Him. I just love how God mercies are renewed each and everyday, He is like no other He forgives us regardless of our sins.

  32. Thank you Mrs. Ester

    Its important that we humble ourselves before God and confess our sins so that God can forgive us.

  33. Dear Dona,

    This message is not for myself, but for how I should view the people around me.. As a follower of Christ, this made me realize that I should NEVER EVER or avoid and DO my BEST to not to forgive and not to judge anyone regarding how they look like and whatever they've done, because I never know what God thinks about them and I never know what are God's plans for them. In the same way that God forgives me everyday for the mistakes I make, who am I not to do the same... God knows the heart of everyone, not me, nor anyone among us know, ONLY HIM.
    Thanks a lot Dona for reminding! God bless you more!
    -Jhestine from UCKG PHilippines

    It is important to always have a clean heart because the heart is our first enemy it is through the heart that we have feelings and emotions that can be dangerous to our faith.We must also learn to forgive therefore our heart must be clean always without any grudges or any impurity then God can hear our cries

  35. Thank you Mrs Ester; Our God is of second chances he only wants us to be sincere for the wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way.the heart knows its own bitterness thats why sincererity before God is important.I love the message.

  36. Mrs Ester, the heart is indeed the most deceitful above all things. What many Christians forget is that there is only three people who knows the content of our heart God, ourselves and the devil.We can never hide what's in our heart from God ,what we most do instead is humble our selves before him and ask for forgiveness and that He changes us so we dn't make the same mistakes. All God wants from us is sincerity because he knows all already.

  37. Dear Mrs Ester,

    Our heart is extremely wicked and deceitful.
    God knows what is deep inside our heart even if we try to hide it in our outwardly appearance.
    But God loves us so much that he shows us mercy, aslong as we ask sincerely ask for forgiveness and humble ourselves before him.
    As children of God/ we have to fight all the time to have a clean heart before God and ourselves, and never give room for grudges or any other sins to enter.
    If we want to change and have a sincere desire God will give us a new heart filled with character and spirit.

    Ophelia Ogunsakin 29/03/12 20:08

  38. I love the fact that you wrote "confess and abandon their mistakes and sins" because although our heart is deceitful and wicked; if we let it corrupt us into thinking; yeah of course I can just confess my sins now and then do it again - we will never learn anything. the best part about making a mistake is learning from that mistake and shaping ourselves not to do it again.

  39. The same day this was posted is the day that I learned about having the right intentions. God knows our hearts and can see right through. So I also need to watch my heart.

  40. I have recently learned through a Wednesday service to confess what is in your heart because it is deceitful and it can condemn us perhaps not now but later on down the line. I have learned the importance of being sincere and if I'm wrong or make a mistake, to confess it before God, for He is the only one who can forgive us.

  41. Hi Ms Ester,

    Following on from my comment on your previous blog post, He knows what's in our hearts and the actions that we make as you saidin this post. God is so understanding but we shouldn't take advantage of this. God gives us chances to put things right all the time it's up to us to cease the opportunity.

    Thanks for the post

  42. Dear Mrs. Ester, this is so wonderful our God is a God who searches mans heart even though we don't know how to please Him, what we have in our heart can please Him or not. This is true we can't pretend before His eyes.

  43. people care about what is outside but the Lord looks at the heart and it does not matter what you look like in the outside becaause God looks and exemines the heart if your heart is clean and is sincere you are clean before God

  44. Hi Mrs. Ester

    I can relate to this message because before when my family was on the verge of changing they used to ask me to lie, my dad used to ask me to collect weed(marijuana) for him, and becaus eof this they used to see me as the same old Jhaun-neiki, because I was always a puppet for my family, I would do what they say.

    because I wanted peace in my family thats why I used to be a slave towards them, so I decided to take a decision and that I had to be bold enough to abandon my mistakes, God knew my heart when I decided to stop living for my family first nd started to pay attention to Him.

    Jhaun-neiki Josephs
    London, England

  45. Dear Mrs Esther,
    We can´t follow our heart, our emotions, we must live by faith day by day.

  46. Thank you Mrs Ester,
    God looks at the intention of the heart as well, whether it is good or bad, but when we confess and humble ourselves before Him, God will surely bless us.

  47. Dear Mrs Ester,
    I would like to thank you for the word of faith. God love and mercies are renewed everyday regardless of one's mistakes God is always there willing to forgive those deceived by their hearts if they humble themself before Him.

    1. Thank you Mrs Ester,
      This message is strainght to the point and indeed the is full of deceit and is corrupt that is why one has to guide it. It is important to be humble when you have commuted a mistake and confess it all to God and will forgive you

  48. This is what I love about our God. Where He took me from is unbelieveable and the fact that I am still alive today and in the faith alone shows His mercy! Words cannot even describe the love. Thank you for this message

  49. God is the one who knows our hearts, he know the horrible things the heart desires however when a person is SINCERE and HUMBLE , God is able to have mercy on them and wash their hearts clean from that sin or that desire to do what is wrong.

  50. This is strong Mrs.Esther :)
    We must always watch and observe our heart if we are Pleasant to Him, because God knows the intention of our Heart, he knows if our heart was good or not, we must also not allow our heart to deceit us through our emotions, however if we are SINCERE AND HUMBLE to all the sins and mistakes we made, we will be forgiven through our Jesus Christ, because our Lord is merciful. and the things we must to do is to put all effort to change and make a difference.
    Thank you so much Mrs.Esther :)
    Kisses :)


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