Monday, October 1, 2012

There is rest in trusting

"I called on the Lord in distress; the Lord answered me and set me in a broad place." Psalms 118.5

Troubles are part of everyday life for every human beings. The difference is that not everyone has the Lord Jesus as a refuge. That's when they lose.
But for those who depend on Him, they find rest from praying and beign answered.


  1. Thank you Mrs Ester for sharing!
    When we have the Lord Jesus on our side problems will come but they will not shake us or put us down!

  2. Good evening Mrs Ester. Thank you for the message. Only those who depend and surrender their whole lives in the Lord have the privilege of trusting that He will come to their aid when troubles come.

  3. Thank you Mrs Ester, reading this just shows how must we need to rely on God because if we loose trust in him, we make wrong decisions, I can say this because I had previously got myself in a bad mess, however i trusted and believed that he could help me out and he did. Trust in God is the key, because he is what we need to help us solve our problems.

  4. Acknowledgement to God and obeying His Word . In everything we do , God's guidance will always abide if we seek His presence .No matter how strong the storm , if we have the strength to stand firm and overcome such circumstances.God never forsake those who truly believe in Him and do His Will.
    For without Him, we can do nothing. HE is the path, the direction. His Word is is our guidance.
    Thank you Mrs Ester

  5. Amen Mrs.Ester,
    Those who depend on Him, will always conquer the blessing.
    Thank you so much Mrs.Ester for this word of encouragement.

  6. That is true, when a situation or obstacles arises before us, we know who to run to ... God, our refuge! and we know there is safety when we depend and Trust in God.
    He never fails, and never will let us down!

  7. hello Mrs Ester,
    trust in God is the quality of someone who knows who he is really the only shelter; And this is only revealed in tribulation times when the person reveals their faith.
    Blessed faith message and required.
    kisses,thanks for the messages of faith.
    dalila :)

  8. Dear Mrs Ester
    When i was meditating on this word it became clear to me that those who know the Lord, believe and trust in Him; It times of distress God is their refuge, they live by faith( Prayer). Prayer maybe bitter in the offering(in distress), but it will be sweet in the answering. Those who obey the Lord and does His will, their prayer have the Power and they will enjoy the benefits of His kingdom.
    Thank You Mrs Ester, May God bless you

  9. Thank you Mrs Ester,

    The moment we look to Jesus we will not sink.The moment Peter was looking to jesus when he was walking on top of the water he was safe,but the moment he started to doubt that where he sank(lost)

  10. Dear Mrs.Ester this is very strong,we will always face tribulation in this world, because we are not belong to it.But to those who believes him will always conquer victory.

    May God Bless You

  11. Dear Mrs Ester

    Its very clear that life is a battle and only those who fully depend on God
    their victory is guaranteed and no matter what they can face God will always
    come and fulfill His word in their lives.

    Thank you Mrs Ester

  12. Dear Mrs Ester in prorvebs3-5 says trust in the Lord with all your heart
    when I was meditating. God comforting Me by His Word I'm blessed and for those who know God and trust in Him and His Words will overcome

    God Bless all

  13. Thank you so much for this inspiring messages at times we come across situations that needs us to trust in God.And sometimes we find it so hard because of the pressure. But reading this messages daily I get strength from them.God bless you.

  14. Those who Trust and Depend to God, will overcome all the troubles and struggles in life, because our God is more powerful than the problems. He will give us strength and power to overcome it.
    Thank you Jesus!

    Kisses Mrs.Esther :)

    Joy from Philippines.


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